Content/priority poll

It's time for the third content poll, but this poll will be a little different. First and foremost because it's not just one poll, but multiple ones, but also because these polls are mostly about content not related to tools for this site. But more on each in their respective descriptions.
- Emily

Poll 3.1 - Competitions

Idea scrapped (for now, maybe). More info on the update page.

Poll 3.2 - Description generators

I find description generators very tricky to create, mostly because finding a balance between length, amount of detail and amount of variety is a tricky thing to do while still trying to maintain a decent level of grammar with randomized sentences. So my question to you all is: What kind of descriptions do you prefer? Long ones with lots of details or shorter ones in which you fill in the details yourself?
Right now I usually go for shorter ones as I figured people wouldn't need ever detail to be covered and will fill in the gaps themselves. I think this helps assure every interpretation is different and because the description is shorter it allows you to browse through multiple ones faster so it's easier to get what you want. But I could be wrong of course and this poll will hopefully tell me if I am.

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Poll 3.3 - Sister site

So I've been slowly working on a sister site for a while now. Progress is very slow, but steady. This sister site is mostly aimed at tabletop RPG players, but like many things on this site many things on that site will be applicable to gamers, writers and other creative folk.
What will be on this site? Well, a ton of things. I'm thinking (game master (GM)) guides, various tools ranging from random shop generators to customizable spell card creators, DIY projects (creating your own GM screens, creating your own dice bags, crystals and so on), dungeon creators and even royalty free background music I'm making myself (already started on that), guides on fun puzzles and traps, information on different kinds of monsters you might not know about and much more. So in other words a ton of stuff.

For those who aren't aware, GMs (game masters), sometimes called dungeon masters, are the people who run a game like Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing and story telling games. I speak from experience when I say this is a ton of fun to do, but can be intimidating as well, especially the first time. Hopefully by sharing my experiences and knowledge I can help others with improving their games and helping those who wish to try it out.

Some, if not all tools and guides on this site will be moved to the new site as well, this way this site will be entirely focused on name and description generators and the other site will be focused on world building and gaming.
Of course this'll take some more time to complete, but if it turns out you're looking forward to something like this it'll only further motivate me and drive me to work even harder. It might mean working a little less on the name generator site, say 3 weekly updates instead of 4, but I think we can live with that.

So the question becomes: Which type of content should I focus on the most for this new site? Do you want tips and tricks on how to GM a game, just lots and lots of tools that help you build a world, DIY projects to help visualize your world on the table with custom trees, cheaper alternative to figurines and fun little props, do you want DIY projects for gaming related gear, items that could make fun gifts for example or do you want a huge playlist of music to pick from as backing tracks for your tabletop adventures?

Obviously I won't work on just one thing exclusively, but it does help to know what you're after the most. Of course you need to know what kind of music you can expect before you can vote on it, so here are very short snippets of a few songs I've been working on. Don't expect anything too fancy of course. I have limited knowledge and (at the moment) only free virtual instruments to work with, hopefully that'll change in the future.

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So, yeah.

Now you know some of the things I've got planned for 2017 and I am incredibly excited. I hope people respond well to this and if not it's back to the drawing board, so to speak. But it is important to know that this sister site will take quite some time to put up as I want to have at least a decent amount of content up and available right from the start. Also, this should hopefully need no saying, but all the content on the sister site will be available for free. Something that you've probably come to expect from my site by now. There will be ads of course and I might put things like the music up on sites that allow you to buy it as well, but only by choice. A free version will always be available and it will be no different from the paid versions. The paid versions will only be there for those who wish to support me that way, which I find a far better option than just donating to me anyway.