Second site - Some info

So... It's been ages since I first put up the poll of what you'd like to see most on the second site I'm still in the process of creating. I figured a progress update was due, but at the same time I feel like keeping everything a surprise would be the more fun option. I won't leave everything a surprise, as you'll see below, but I am keeping my cards close to my chest to some degree.
So the question I imagine many of you have is: When will it be up and running?

I'm not sure I should give an expected launch date, but I hope I'll have it up either before the end of May (yes, next month), or somewhere in June. I honestly hoped I would've had it up and running already, but I always want to do more and more, so things tend to get pushed back further and further. I really want this site to be not just helpful, but entertaining and perhaps inspirational as well. I've already put a stupid amount of time into this, and I expect (and hope) to put a ton more time into it in the future, as I absolutely love this project. But since deadlines do get pushed back sometimes, and since life is generally just very unpredictable, I won't promise it will be live in May or June. I hope it will be, but you never know.

So, to recap, what do I have in store for you all on this second site? A ton, haha, but I know that's a terrible answer. I've created music, written GM (Game Master) guides, written puzzle guides, created new tools, created a whole lot of art to accommodate all of these, crafted fun DIY projects, and still I feel like doing so much more. Which I will of course.

How much is done/left?

Honestly, I'm not sure I know how much I've got left to do. I bet there's stuff I'm forgetting, overlooking, or otherwise not paying attention to, but here's an incomplete list of what I've done so far, and the quantity goals I hope to reach for each.
Note that this is my to-do list at the time of writing this (April 27th).

  • Written 22/20 'math' puzzle adaptation guides.
  • Illustrated 22/20 'math' puzzle adaptation guides.
  • Written 12/15 other puzzle guides.
  • Illustrated 12/15 other puzzle guides.
  • Written 11/15 GM guides.
  • Written 3/10 DIY guides.
  • Crafted & photographed 5(?)/10 DIY guides. (Probably forgetting some.)
  • Illustrated art for 8(?)/15ish(?) new tools. (Maybe 20, probably forgetting some simpler ones.)
  • Coded 2/15ish(?) new tools.
  • Composed 40+/40 songs. (May have gone overboard a little on this. "Composed" also sounds way too fancy.)
  • Uploaded 0/40 songs on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, and 2 others. (That'll be for the end.)
  • Illustrated 9 album covers. (They won't be complete albums on release, but I've got something fun planned.)
  • ??/?? Site work. (I fear I have a huge amount left to do, we'll see.)
  • 12/?? Tools & guides copied/moved from this site to the second.

Teeny tiny preview

So, you might be wondering what exactly I have in store, what I've been working on for so long, and what I'm still working on or plan to work on. Well, some of the tools include a dungeon creator, a space base creator, tarot cards, solar system generator/creator, pantheon creator, quest board creator, and much more.
The puzzle guides are all about either getting to know certain puzzles, or adapting a specific type of puzzle into an RPG setting. I love these the most as I create fun little illustrations for them to help get my points across, and to just add some humor to it all.
The songs cover a wide range from intense to tranquil, from sad to happy, and from Asian flavors to epic orchestral. Some of which can be heard below. They're very small snippets, 5 of which you may have heard already if you saw the third content poll.
I've also made a tiny collage of partial images you may come across on the new site, I'm saving the best stuff for when it goes live though.

Site content collage image

So, yeah.

I can tell you I'm already incredibly nervous about launching the site, as well as anxious to get everything done in time. In fact, I'm writing this after getting out of bed due to being unable to sleep because of, well, this post. Writing this made me realise how much I love this project, and how much I still have to do. I've put so much of myself into this, so releasing it all to the public will be very daunting. But I know plenty of you will like it, so it'll definitely be worth the shaky legs, and sleepless nights, haha. One thing is for sure, I can't wait until I can share this with everybody.

- Emily