Global Climate Strike

From 20 to 27 September, millions upon millions of people will strike for a better future. For some it means skipping school, for others it means skipping work. For some it means shutting down their company for a day or more, for others it means putting up a banner or raising awareness through other methods. I've pondered what to do myself in terms of my sites. Striking from a one-person venture isn't exactly going to send a big message after all. So instead I've opted for helping to raise awareness and making an extra donation to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 1000 trees around the world like I and others with me do every month since a little while ago.

The climate strike is different for everyone. For some it's a fight against governments who refuse to listen to their people, for some it's a fight for a better, healthier world, for some it's a fight for a livable future, for some all of the above and more. To those of you joining: thank you.

Others might feel reluctant to join or are unable to do so. They may not have time to invest, they may not be able to just leave their job to strike without repercussions, or they may be unable to travel to where the strikes are taking place. If you are one of them, don't feel guilty for not being part of it. For one, there are other ways to join the fight, and two, the fight for a healthier future doesn't last just 1 week.
If you do want to be part of the strikes in some form, check out the climate strike site: found here.

If you want to do more or something different, there are many impactful ways you can help build a better future. Going into all of them would take far too long, however. But reducing your impact, if yours is large, can go a long way. How you do this can be a personal choice based on many factors and circumstances. For some it means eating less meat, for some reducing the amount of water they use, for some it means buying less new stuff, and for some it means something different entirely. Whichever your choice, thank you for being part of the solution.

- Emily