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Saved names

Below you'll find all the names you've saved from across all different name generators, as well as more information and instructions in case you need it. This page is primarily meant as a way to more easily print all the names ready for use in tabletop games, book reference sheets and other uses. If you're good to go, simply scroll down to your saved names below to perhaps do some final editing and such, or continue reading for the instructions.


Every name generator page now has the ability to save names in a list so you can keep track of names you enjoy, as well as make changes to them should you prefer a different spelling, for example.

Saving a name

Saving a name is as simple as clicking on it while the "Saving mode" radio button is selected. It's selected by default, so there's no need to change anything upon first loading a page. Each name is then added to a list lower down on the page. Each name is also sorted into its own category (the one who's name generator you got the name from), including a link back to that name generator in case you need to reference it later.

Removing a name

By clicking on a name (while in saving mode) within the lists, it is removed to the "Removed names" list. If you move a name by accident, simply click on it in the "Removed names" list to put it back in the original list.

Editing a name

By selecting the "Edit mode" radio button, all names can be edited. Simply click on them within the lists and change whatever you wish. You can add as much info as you need, so you could theoretically add a couple of notes. The category titles can also be edited, with the exception of "Removed names". This way you can change how names are categorized. Perhaps you're using English names for elves, so instead of the title "English names", the title of "Elvish names" might be more apt.


There are 2 buttons to help with preventing lists from getting too big. You can either delete all the names currently part of the "Removed names" list or clear everything. Note that simply emptying a specific list by clicking on each name (while in saving mode) also removes the list.

Saving for later

All names are automatically saved as you use this feature. This means you can change pages without losing your saved names, as well as close your browser and come back at a later time. Note that this doesn't work if you clear your browser data or if you use incognito mode.
Do note that your browser may have it setup that all browser data is delete after a set amount of time, which would mean you lose all the names you've saved so far. Copy pasting them all into a text file or printing them for later use is recommended at various stages to avoid losing your name saves.


As mentioned before, this page is meant to allow for easy printing of the lists. Simply click on print in your browser options menu (or use a keyboard shortcut) and you'll be met with the printing settings. Despite all the content on this page, only the name lists will be printed and shown in the print preview).

Beta version

Note that this is all still in an early development stage. Some name generators might cause some issues with unforeseen unsupported characters, bugs might pop up here and there, some browsers might not support some features, and so on. If you encounter anything or have other feedback you'd like to share, don't hesitate to contact me through the contact form. Make sure you let me know what browser and device you're using, if you're reporting a bug. It'll help with pinpointing problems.

- Emily