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This name generator will give you 10 random Blood Elf names fit for the World of Warcraft universe.

The Blood Elf language (Thalassian) is closely related to that of the Night Elves (Darnassian), but their names are often quite different from those of the Night Elves, with the exception that both often roll off of your tongue quite easily (though not always).

Role playing tips: Blood Elves have a painful history, one many of them don't want to remember, while others are proud of their survival.
Despite their painful past, Blood Elves still use the same traditions when it comes to naming their children. Names of Blood Elf champions, priests, and other important elves from the past are now used as a name for their newborn.
Blood Elves are fairly close to nature, though not as much as Night Elves, which is usually reflected in their last names. However, the sun is perhaps the most important aspect, which is reflected in plenty of last names.

Some Blood Elves are referred only by their first name and their profession, such as Magister/Magistrix, Botanist, Captain or Battlemage.

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