Indonesian name generator

This name generator will give you 10 random names for 5 different Indonesian subcultures.
There are over 60 different ethnic groups within Indonesia, each with their own customs and often their own naming conventions, but most of them are too small to cover in a name generator.

This generator was quite difficult to create, not only because of the different ethnic groups, but also because there's not that much information available in terms of names for some of the ethnic groups.
This generator covers general Indonesian names, Chinese-Indonesian names, Moluccan names (and Papua names), Batak and Nias names (Sumatran) and Javanese names.

The first 2 names are the general Indonesian names. Depending on the ethnic group you will find different naming conventions with these names. They can be 'a single name', 'two or more names without a surname', 'two or more names with a surname' and 'two or more names with a patronymic name (father's name)'.
This generator uses two names with a surname. This way you can create every version.

The next 2 names are Chinese-Indonesian names. To shorten history, the Chinese-Indonesians had to change their names to encourage assimilation. Many Chinese-Indonesians chose an Indonesian-sounding surname based on Chinese surnames.
Later in history they were allowed to change back, but many names stuck, though many did choose Chinese first names.
The first names in this generator are also Chinese. Note that the order is surname, first name.

The next 2 names are mainly Moluccan names, but the Papua names are very similar, but with less Dutch influences.
The Dutch ruled the Moluccas for hundreds of years. Those with Dutch names or other relations would have certain advantages, which is why many Moluccans chose a Dutch (sounding) name and/or surname.
Islam also had a fair deal of influence on modern names, so you can find a mixture of Dutch, Muslim and Indonesian names in this section.

The next 2 names are Batak and Nias names, one of the few ethnic groups who do use surnames. Their first names are usually Biblical or in some cases Muslim or even Indonesian, though this generator sticks to Biblical names as some of the other names in this generator already use Muslim and Indonesian names, so you can mix and match.

The last 2 names are Javanese names. However, there's only a few dozen names for each gender. Despite comprising of 40% of the population, I couldn't find many (reliable) sources with names.

A major group missing from this generator are Balinese names. The Balinese use a unique system to name their children. All first-born are called "Wayan" or "Gede" or "Putu", the second born are called "Made" or "Kadek", the third is called "Nyoman" or "Komang" and the fourth is called "Ketut". Fifth children start back at names for the first born and so on.
This is a short generalization, as there are some variations depending on caste. Balinese do have other names, usually nicknames, but unfortunately I've been unable to find lists of names or enough examples for the generator.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

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