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Wildstar race name generators

Wildstar is an MMO by Carbine studios and is set in a fantasy sci-fi universe on a planet called Nexus. The mysterious and powerful race of the Eldan have disappeared, but not without leaving their mark on the world in the form of technology and many secrets for the player to explore as a member of one of two factions.
On one side you have the Dominion. 4 races part of an intergalactic empire created by the Eldan with the ultimate goal of domination of the entire galaxy. On the other side you have the Exiles. 4 races of refugees and mercenaries who have been driven away from their homes by the Dominion. United under the common enemy of the Dominion the Exiles fight back to protect themselves and their homes.

If you're interested in playing Wildstar or if you want to explore this universe further, check out their official site by clicking here.

As mentioned there are 8 playable races in total in the Wildstar universe. Wildstar also has a set of rough naming rules for each race and I've based my name generator on those. My generators are not official or affiliated with Wildstar, but I hope you'll find them helpful nonetheless.