Welcome to Fantasy Name Generators

I offer various different name generators ranging from elf and troll names to Japanese and Chinese names.
I hope to expand and offer you all the possible names you could possibly need, but I could always use your help.
Simply suggest a type of name or submit a name or two to help expand the lists of tens of thousands of names. You can do so through the contact page.

To start, simply use the menu above or the list below to find the type of name you'd like. Then, on the next page, click the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

The generators can literally generate millions of combinations, so you're bound to find one you like.

I add new names and combinations fairly often, but due to the huge amount of available combinations, you may not notice I've added them.
However, make sure to check back for new generators, as I'm often working on one.

Happy holidays! - Also, busy, busy, busy.

Firstly, a happy holiday season to all of you. I hope it's a wonderful one.
I personally love the holiday season, but it's also a busy period for me. During this time I have an actual social life (whaaat? I know.). Christmas, New Year's Eve, my birthday and just general festivities and visiting Christmas Markets will take up a chunk of my time, so some days I may be responding slower to e-mails and so on.
I don't think the difference will be all that notable, but some days it might be.
Anyway, have fun, stay safe and have more fun. :)
- Emily

New tool: Emblem/logo creator

I've just added a new tool, the emblem/logo creator, which, as you already guessed, allows you to create custom emblems and logos. There's a huge variety of possibilities, which mostly depend on your creativity and imagination.
Now I wanted to give you as much creative freedom as possible, so everything can be dragged, rotated, resized and mirrored. But to achieve this I used a system of layers, which may be a little tricky to get used to for some, but it's similar to what I've used in other tools on this site. Either way, I've added a short tutorial in case you'd like more information and I hope you enjoy this new tool.
- Emily

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