Planet description generator

This planet description generator will generate a fairly random description of various types of planets.
Some parts of the description will be the same, but the important details will be randomized.
The planet names are all placeholder names for your own name or a name from the planet name generator on this site. All the names in this generator are taken from popular books and tv-shows. Bonus points to whoever recognizes some or all of them.

Note that the physics behind the description won't necessarily be correct. The gravitational force could be way too high or low for a specific type of planet of a specific size. But since I didn't add the mass, everything could be somewhat plausible, which is usually enough in most works of fiction.

I tried to add in as many details about the planet as possible, while still keeping the description fairly brief. This is why the planets with lifeforms have a huge description, I went a little overboard with that, but hopefully you'll appreciate it nonetheless.
I also kept the species very vague, especially in terms of what they really look like, as that's something for a separate alien race and animal species description generator.

The description itself is roughly divided into 3 parts.
The first 2 paragraphs are all the statistics about the planet. How big it is, what type of planet it is and so on.

The second part consists of either 1 or 3 paragraphs. If the planet has no lifeforms, it'll be 1 paragraph and this is also the final part of the whole description.
If the planet does have lifeforms, the first 2 paragraphs will be about the plants and plant-like organisms on the surface, with a short description about a special features of one species.
The third paragraph will be a short description of the aquatic plants and corals.

The third and last part is about the animals on this planet. Whether they're advanced, sentient or just basic microbes.
The more advanced species will have a short description about what makes them stand out, mostly to hopefully inspire you and also to give the world a little more depth.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a description. Don't like the it? Simply click again to get a new random description.

The art above was kindly submitted by Mart, click to see more on his YouTube channel.

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