Hand gesture description generator

This description generator will generate short random descriptions of hand gestures, sign language and other similar hand motions.

I used three finger positions in the descriptions (fully stretched, half clenched and fully clenched), but fingers are obviously capable of far more positions in between, and you could even play around with how far apart they are from each other (like the Vulcan salute) to create even more different varieties of hand gestures. I stuck to these 3 to keep everything relatively simple, easy to interpret, and to make sure all the descriptions are varied enough.
The easiest way to play around with each is by simply making the hand gestures with your own hand and then playing around with the positions of your fingers and the angle of your palm to create different looks. Some expressions benefit from making half clenched fingers look more aggressive for example, like talons or claws. Others might benefit more from half clenched fingers that are more tightly clenched, in a way that makes it look like half a finger when looked at from the front.

Each generated result will have 1 description of a one-hand gesture and 1 description of a two-hands gesture. The latter will, of course, have far more different possibilities, but in most cultures 1 hand gestures are far more common. This may be something to keep in mind and either purposely avoid or stick to depending on whichever (fictional) culture you're working with.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a random description. Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one.

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