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Grootslang name generator

A Grootslang, which is Afrikaans and Dutch for "big snake", is a legendary creature said to have been created by the gods. It was a creature of incredible intelligence and strength, as well as size. The gods realized their mistake and separated the Grootslang into snakes and elephants. One Grootslang escaped however, who, along with other Grootslangs born from it, lure elephants into a cave to eat them.

The names in this generator are all Afrikaans and come in two types. The first 5 results are names similar to Grootslang, so they could be used for snake or monster species. The second 5 results are more like personal names or nicknames, always with a translation in brackets.

For those of you unfamiliar with Afrikaans as a language, it's a great language with often very straight forward naming conventions. Grootslang is one example, but some of my favorite ones include the word for chameleon (verkleurmannetje), which roughly translates to "little color change guy", the word for herbivore (plantvreter) translates to "plant muncher", and the word for giraffe (Kameelperd) translates to "Camelhorse". I've also seen "langnekkameel" for giraffe, which translates to "long neck camel". So if the names in this generator seem a little odd, it's because I wanted to capture the amazingly whimsical elements of Afrikaans.
Bonus word: "Van-nikskse-nie-bang-skip", which translates to "Of-nothing-afraid-ship", or a warship.

As far as the language itself goes, it'll be difficult to pronounce many of the words in the generator. A few pointers:
- a j is usually pronounced like the y in yes.
- oe is pronounced as oo in good.
- ie is pronounced like ee in steel.
- oo is usually pronounced like the o in over.
- ou is pronounced like the ou in ouch.
- ee is pronounced like ey in hey.
- Then there's a bunch of elements that are really difficult to pronounce for anybody who doesn't speak a language similar to Dutch. The g is especially difficult, as it's pronounced with the back of the throat. You can find a bunch of videos on YouTube if you want to try it.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

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