Your art as part of the generators

I'm always looking for art to spice up the generators a little and I'd love nothing more than to promote up and coming artists (or perhaps artists with a large following).
So I'd love you to send in any images you'd like to see in any of the name generators.

Of course, besides doing me a favour, I'll put your name and a link to your deviantArt profile below the generator, so you'll (hopefully) gain a few fans through this website.

Anybody can submit an image, but note that this is a child friendly website, so make sure your art is safe for younger eyes.

Also make sure your art is related to the generator you'd like it to be part off, an art piece of dancing fairies isn't suited for a Viking name generator, etc.

Lastly, images have to be yours. Any stolen images will not be accepted (or removed immediately), so please don't waste your own time or mine.

Some 'guidelines'

As mentioned above, only suitable art will be accepted, but there are a few more guidelines which lead to better results.

- White space: Try to minimize white space on your art piece. A background would be perfect, but some white space is fine. But don't worry too much, I'll crop your art myself if needed.
- Franchises and sets: I don't need art for franchises (games, tv shows, etc) and generator sets (pet names, armor names, weapon names). I prefer to use official art for franchise related name generators to best represent it for those unfamiliar with it, so it's sort of promotional and informative in a way.
- Free spots: I only need art for the generators which don't already have art by somebody else. It's pretty easy to tell which still need it, as there won't be a link to a website under the generator, it should say 'Your art here'.
- Quality: I absolutely hate saying no to people who have submitted art as they're clearly proud of it, but please consider the quality of the piece and your skills. On the other hand, don't be too hard on yourself either, the art doesn't have to be super high quality either. As long as it's interesting and good in some way I will usually like it enough.

Submitting your art

You can send me your art by using the contact form and simply sending a link to the image you'd like to submit (either on your site/profile or uploaded to a site like
Alternatively, simply send me a message saying you want to submit art, I will reply and you'll be able to send the art as an attachment to the e-mail address I've replied with. I cannot put the e-mail address on here because spam bots will abuse it.

I always respond to everybody, both accepted and denied entries, but please be patient.