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Malian name generator

This name generator will give you 10 random Malian names.

Mali is a country in West Africa and the eight largest in Africa overall, though it has a population of only about 20 million people. In the 1300s, the Mali Empire was the wealthiest empire in the world and, the then leader Mansa Munsa, is perhaps the wealthiest person to have ever lived, though this is obviously hard to calculate.
Ultimately, the Mali Empire fell and was superseded by the Songhai Empire, a neighboring empire once slowly conquered by the Malian empire. This empire, too, eventually collapsed. Part of this was due to the overthrowing of the then king, Askia the Great, and part due to the Moroccan invasion.

Eventually, Mali fell under colonial control of France in the 19th century. Mali has been a largely Muslim country since the 11th century, and France tried to prevent it from spreading further while also accepting it and preferring it over other religions, as Islam was at least codified, which in turn made standardization easier. It wasn't until 1960 Mali regained independence from France, though this didn't end their intertwined existence.
Mali has had a turbulent recent past, as different ethnic groups fight for independence and resources, in part fueled by the effects of climate change. The French military has stepped in at the request of the then interim government in 2013, for example. The then created defense accord has recently been broken by the current Malian government, following coup d'états in 2020 and 2021.

As far as names go, French is currently still the official language, though in early 2022 an announcement to make Bambara (which rougly 80% of the country speaks) the official language was made, thought not yet implemented. The combination of their large Muslim population and French influences lead to mostly Muslim names with French spellings.

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