Pokemon description generator

This generator will generate a randomized description of a Pokemon. I've kept it short and sweet in order to stick with the short description styles you find in the Pokedex, but broader in terms of details. So while in the Pokedex you may find that one Pokemon uses its tail to attack in these descriptions you'll only learn what features stand out, what type it is and so on and the way it attacks and other such exact details are up to you to decide. This way each description will be interpreted differently and thus lead to a different Pokemon.

I did include what attacks they use and how often they have and can evolve, these kind of specifics tend to help with coming up with the rest of the details. I've also only included animals as the base for a Pokemon, rather than including plants and various inanimate objects. Since there are 18 types it took quite a while to cover them all with type-specific elements, as well as making sure each animal has the right features (so feathers instead of skin and so on). I might still add plants and so on in the future if there's a desire for this, as well as other details you may feel are needed.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a random description. Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one.

The image above is part of the Pokemon Company copyright and belongs to its rightful owners. This is not an official generator, merely one inspired by the Pokemon universe.

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