Castle description generator

This description generator will generate a fairly random description of a castle. Some aspects of the descriptions will remain the same, this is done to keep the general structure the same, while still randomizing the details.

This description, like most description generator, keeps the overall look fairly vague. The description generators are mostly meant to give you some creative inspiration, which usually works best if you can play around with adding the more important details yourself.
However, I did add in some specific details, including more fantasy-themed ones, like the location, which could be inside an extinguished volcano, or the stone the castle is made of, which could be made from stone you'd normally wouldn't build with in real life.

Castles, especially fantasy castles, can look very varied, not just in atmosphere (dark, magical, etc), style (Arabian, European, Asian, Elvish, etc), but also in shape (square, t-shaped, h-shaped, etc), location, height, depth (partially underwater, inside a mountain, etc.), and so on.
If you're still lost in terms of inspiration, there's always Google images.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a random description. Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one.

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