Fancy clothing description generator

This description generator will create a mostly random description of either a dress or a suit, fit for formal occasions and other fancy needs.

Obviously clothing is extremely varied, especially dresses. I tried to add as much variety as possible, but without turning the whole description into a mess. In doing so I left out some of the minor details, like the colors or more exact measurements. There are several reasons why I did this and they're as follows:
- Colors will depend heavily on the setting the character who wears the clothes is in. The setting could be as colorful as the 70's or it could be set in a grim, colorless society.
- Not only is clothing extremely varied, so too are the people who wear it. While I did describe how a dress or suit fits the person, the descriptions could all be about many different types of people, big, small, tall, short, large breasted, small breasted, and so on.
- Like color, style is also dependent on the setting. While the descriptions give a full description of what the clothing looks like, there's plenty left to fill in on your own to make sure it fits within the setting you're working with.

The descriptions describe how a dress or suit fits a person. I used a woman for the dress and a man for the suit descriptions. Obviously this can be flipped around. Like everything in the descriptions, you don't have to take it too literally. Add your own unique touch to it and apply it to whichever character you need clothed in fancy clothing.

I've also used terms and styles which you might not be familiar with, especially if you're not into clothing. But a simple Google image search will show you what those styles look like.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a random description. Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one.

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