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This description generator will generate a fairly random plot for a usually adventurous story. But like all description generators, some sentence combinations might not make much sense in the overall description.

As far as plots go, there are hundreds of different types of plots with a wide range of varieties for each plot. But many stories have a similar plot, even if the story, its universe and the characters are completely different.
In this generator I mainly focused on the rough ideas of a plot type, like 'gaining a super power of sorts', rather than going very specific, like 'a Latina boy living in a suburban area gains the power of super human strength and uses it to save the world'. You will need to fill in specific details like that yourself.

I went for an approach of 'a person enters the main character's life and changes it forever' for this generator. Obviously you don't have to take it literally or even use it at all. Instead of a person telling the main character he or she possesses special powers, the main character could find out all alone. But I used this approach to add flavor and variety to the descriptions. Having this other person could give inspiration for a whole world to which that person belongs.

I also included a degree of uncertainty and possible deception in it. Maybe the person talking to the main character is just a fool and a liar, or maybe that person actually belongs to the enemy and is out to either kill or deceive the main character or perhaps try to recruit that character into the evil empire.

One final note, try to see the varieties you can go with in each plot description. Take the following example: 'Main character plays a vital role in the future, but this version of the future cannot be allowed to be.", this could lead to stories like:
- Character saves the future by preventing an incident in the present.
- Character is what causes a horrible future and has to be eliminated.
- Character will become a leader, but in the future makes a terrible choice which has to be prevented.
- Character invents something incredible, but is deceived into selling it to the wrong people, which cannot be allowed to happen.
- And much, much more.

To start, simply click on one of the buttons to generate a random description. Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one.

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