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Gryphon names - World of Warcraft

This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for the gryphons of the World of Warcraft universe, as well as the Warcraft universe in general.

Gryphons are intelligent beings with features of eagles and lions. They're longtime friends with the Wildhammer dwarves, who later introduced the gryphons to the rest of the alliance. They're often used as mounts by both the alliance and the Wildhammer clan, but the latter considered gryphons to be more sacred.

Griffin names are often either descriptive (Greatfeather, Sparkbeak, etc.) or an Irish or English influenced surname (Donovan, Bertram, etc.). This name generator covers both of these names.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

The background image above contains art of the Warcraft copyright and belongs to its rightful owners. This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe.