Planted Trees

Below you'll find a map and a credit section with people who have donated to Eden Reforestation Projects and have let me know about it, or who have donated to me to donate to Eden because they couldn't do so directly. This was started in June 2019, so there likely won't be many people at the start. Either way, if you want to find out more about how and why I started this, click here to read the full page of information.



It's just us at the moment. Will you join us?

Abigail 175 trees
Jonathan & Sharon 280 trees
Sandra K. 334 trees*
Karl M. 167 trees*
Jacob H. 835 trees
Paul S. 175 trees
Hannah M. 125 trees*
'Bexja' 250 trees.
Ran A. 250 trees.
Chris S. 1053 trees.
Russ D. 287 Trees
Adriana C. 130 Trees
Tazmin B. 100 Trees
Idan K. 263 Trees
James D. 1500 Trees*
Corey Y. 530 Trees
McCarthys 110 Trees
Oliver F. 1160 Trees
Sarah M. 500 Trees
Keith P. 100 Trees*
Paul F. 15750 Trees
Jennifer B. 200 Trees*
Mattitopias T. 100 Trees*
Daja T. 530 Trees
John D. 200 Trees
Katie D. 250 Trees
Anonymous Person 50 250 Trees
Andy W. 1000 Trees
Wendy Gamble 100 Trees
Shyaa F. 500 Trees*
Danique W. 100 Trees*
Charlotte D. 200 Trees
Kazmuir L. 55 Trees*
Jennifer C. 250 Trees
Didier P. 500 Trees
Roy Bouwman 1917 Trees*
Alicia F. 1500 Trees
Tina 150 Trees
Jacob L. 100 Trees
Timothy T. 50 Trees*
Michael B. 5000 Trees
Joshua H. 250 Trees
Alex K. 50 Trees*
Eric G. 250 Trees
Kristin P. 100 Trees
Lally Ben D. 100 Trees
David C. 250 Trees
Alex M. 100 Trees
Andy F. 100 Trees
Miranda J. 500 Trees
Nathanael H. 50 Trees*
Janne M. 200 Trees*
Arie D. 50 Trees*
Ellie M. 250 Trees
Deborah (2) 250 Trees
Lisa (3) 250 Trees
Bastian Z. 50 Trees
James W. 150 Trees
Cindy de G. 30 Trees*
Kyla D. 50 Trees
Cody 100 Trees
Paul S. 1000 Trees
Alex D. 1000 Trees
John S. 10 Trees*
Cole Nguyen 50 Trees*
Alexander P. 25 Trees*
Stephanie S. 100 Trees*
Damien L. 100 Trees*
Frau_Heiterkeit 50 Trees*
Nat_J 230 Trees
László 250 Trees
Jeanine L. 200 Trees
Valtteri I. 250 Trees
Edoardo Li M. 50 Trees*
EmilyFantasy 70183 Trees

*Donors with an asterisk indicate their donation are made through my site and therefore part of my profile's total. I do not count them toward my personal total listed above.