Rewilding with Mossy Earth

I am a big fan of rewilding projects, and perhaps of none more than of Mossy Earth. To support them more and to make my site be more carbon neutral, I'm using my site as a platform to promote rewilding efforts much the same as I've done and continue to do for Eden Reforestation Projects. But first, let's dive into what Mossy Earth is.

Who & What is Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth is a small team of people from across the world supported entirely by donations from individuals, usually through a membership program on their site. I've been a member for over a year now (at the time of writing this), and can vouch for their claims of transparency, friendliness and the amount of reporting they do on their projects. To find out how much and what they do, I suggest watching the video below to let them speak for themselves, but I'll delve into it more below as well.

Put in very short, Mossy Earth works as follows:
- Research and seek out locations in need of restoration as well as people who can support the restoration of said locations.
- Use funds gathered from membership and donations to pay the biologists and other professionals, as well as everything required for the landscape restoration.
- Report their ongoing efforts, including how much money is used, data and photos of any trees planted or animals affected.
- Additional reports through quarterly reports and monthly reports on their site for relevant projects.

A membership only costs 6 euros per month (roughly $6.5 US or 5 GBP), but additional contributions can be made to support specific projects of choice.

Example projects

It is easy to find all of their projects on their Youtube channel, by browsing their Instagram or simply by browsing their website, but below are some of my personal favorite projects of theirs.

Join the cause

I hope to see others join their cause much the same as people have joined Eden Reforestation Projects through my site, to become a large, geeky collective connected through our love for rewilding, nature and the health of the planet. To showcase our combined efforts, I'll add a little sapling to indicate your general location on the map found here just as I've done so far with Eden.

The links to Mossy Earth on this page have my personal referral link, so I'll be able to see people join. But make sure to send me a message when you've signed up, so I can add a sapling to the map for you as well.

Further resources

Mossy Earth's YouTube Channel
Mossy Earth's Instagram Page
Youtube Channel of one of Mossy Earth's presenters and video makers, his channel is well worth a visit for more, similar content as well.