Dungeons & Dragons race name generators

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rule, Inc., but has seen many new versions and expansions since.
In Dungeons & Dragons each player plays as a fictional character with various traits and statistics determined at the start and throughout the game. The characters will embark on an adventure set in a fantasy world and much of it is dictated by the Dungeon Master or narrator, as well as many rolls of various dice. Dice are used to determine the outcome of actions and events, like trying to pick open a door or the activation of a trap.

Dungeons & Dragons has stood the test of times and is more popular than ever today. However, it was once seen as a game for geeks back when being called a geek was still an insult, and it faced multiple waves of controversies when some Christian groups accused the game of promoting devil worship, murder, suicide, witchcraft and other such practices. As a result players at the time received a lot of backlash and were often ostracized.
Later players were also accused of being unable to separate fiction from reality, and Dungeons & Dragons was accused of causing players to be more violent, much like video games have been in more recent years.

Fortunately today the game is seen as a great tool to promote creativity, teaching problem solving skills, a great way to socialize, and more. Countless pod-casts and shows exist revolving around people playing the game, most notably Critical Role, and the game is often referenced in pop culture. Many celebrities proudly admit they play the game, too. A stark change from the beginning of this game. These celebrities include perhaps sometimes seemingly unlikely people like Vin Diesel, Steven Colbert, Joe Manganiello, Anderson Cooper, Stephen King and, of course, Felicia Day and Will Wheaton.

If you're interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons or if you want to explore this world further, check out their site by clicking here.

There are many different races in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, for 45 of them I've created a name generator, but more might follow in the future. More information on those races and on their naming conventions can be found in the descriptions of their respective generator.
I've stuck to the naming conventions within the books to offer you good D&D names who won't stand out within the D&D universe, though randomization can be awkward at times.

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