Lord of the Rings Online race name generators

The Lord of the Rings Online is an MMORPG set in the world of the Lord of the Rings franchise. Within this game you can create and customize your own character, play as one of the main races and battle the evil forces as a new hero within this epic universe.
You begin your journey at the same time as when Frodo left the Shire and then continue to play intertwining stories set in the same story universe as the books, but as a separate character. While LOTRO shares a lot of elements many MMORPGS share, a lot is also different to make sure it fits in with the lore and universe. For example, there's no magic system with mana like you'd find in many MMORPGS as there are only 5 wizards within this universe, but there are other ways you can perform spell-like abilities without having to turn to something too lore breaking.

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There are 5 races you can play as in Lord of the Rings online and they mostly follow the same naming conventions as those in the books. But since it is an MMORPG and players can only have unique names there is some liberty you wouldn't always find in more lore-stricter environments.