The Dark Eye race name generators

The Dark Eye, originally known as Das Schwarze Auge, is a highly successful German tabletop RPG similar to D&D, though more successful than it on the German market. An English version is also available (originally known as Realms of Arkania), and this version has been quite successful as well. Since the first release of the game all the way back in 1984, it has branched out into several new editions (latest is the fifth edition at the time of writing this) and several video, board and card games.

The tabletop rulebooks are generally easily available at many online vendors and, depending on your location, at local tabletop gaming stores. Recent video and mobile video games are generally easily found online (like on Steam), though the older ones may be a lot harder to find should you be interested in them.

There are various races and cultures you can play as within The Dark Eye universe. I've created name generators for those who were given naming conventions in the rule book, as you'll see below.