The Witcher race name generators

The Witcher is a series of games based on a series of books with the same name set in a medieval fantasy world. The books were written by Andrzej Sapkowski and the games were created by CD Projekt RED.
The games follow the life of Geralt, one of just a few remaining witchers and his adventures in this dark and cruel universe. Witchers are monster hunters with special abilities and they can be hired to slay any beast as long as you have the right pay. Within the game itself you face a lot of choices which can have huge consequences down the line, but those consequences are impossible to predict. You'll also face many choices that are morally grey, which is only fitting for a world that is far from black and white.

If you're interested in playing the Witcher games or if you want to explore this universe further, check out their official site by clicking here.

There are many races in the Witcher universe especially if you count all the monsters, but the monsters generally don't have individual names with the exception of very specific and often unique ones. However, there are 4 main races and for those I've created a name generator. More information on these races and on their names can be found in the descriptions of their respective name generators.