The Dark Crystal name generators

The Dark Crystal is a fantasy adventure film by Jim Henson and Frank Oz released in 1982. It wasn't hugely popular upon release, but gained popularity and cult status over the decades since. Netflix and The Jim Henson Company have created a prequel series available on Netflix since the end of August 2019. The Netflix series has received great critical acclaim and, like the movie at the time, the puppetry work is considered an extraordinary artistic achievement by many.

The movie and series are about the struggles of the Greflings, an elf-like race, under the oppression of the Skeksis, a race of bird-reptile hybrids. In the movie the story revolves around overthrowing the Skeksis by restoring the powerful Dark Crystal. The Netflix shows builds upon the movie's lore and, as a prequel, is obviously set before the events of the movie.

Besides the Skeksis and Greflings, other races exist in The Dark Crystal universe as well. I've created name generators for 6 of them, as seen below.