Dune name generators

Dune is a book series by Frank Herbert, as well as a continuation of novels written by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert (Frank's son) after the death of Frank. The first book was released in 1965, and the success of the series resulted in a miniseries and movies. The 1984 film by David Lynch was met with mostly negative reviews, though Frank Herbert gave it a decently positive review although reading between the lines could give some negative interpretations.
Recently another film adaptation came out by Denis Villeneuve, which was met with mostly positive reviews and a sequel is in the works at the time of writing this.

Dune, as in the first book, is a story about the planet Arrakis and a young Paul Atreides whose family accepted stewardship of Arrakis. The planet is mostly an inhospitable wasteland, but it is the only source of the Spice Melange, a special, priceless drug able to enhance mental abilities to the point of offering foresight and multidimensional awareness, both of which are needed for the most dangerous elements of space navigation. Hence, the planet is a target for conquests, something the native warrior people obviously wish to avoid.

The Dune universe is rich in its lore, which is based in varying degrees on various Middle-Eastern cultures, as well as some Asian ones to some degree. The names reflect this too, which in turn the name generators below follow to hopefully offer you plenty of names for additional stories you may wish to write set either within the Dune universe or for a different universe all together.