Mistborn name generators

Mistborn is a series of epic fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson with more novels said to be released in the future. The story is set primarily in the world of Scadrial and within the Final Empire. Here the skies are dark, the sun is red and ash falls from the sky. Vegetation still lives, but is brown and sickly. Each night an unnatural mist covers the lands, and mistwraiths lurk within them. The skaa, a race of humans used essentially as slaves, fears these mistwraiths and thus spend their times inside their homes during the nights.
Magic is also a central part of the mistborn series, with the main one being Allomancy. Allomancy allows those with the ability to do so to burn and swallow specific metals to gain specific powers.

The first novel revolves around Kelsier and his crew, who seek to destabilize the noble who rule over the skaa and even to overthrow the Lord Ruler who rules the nobles, though there are plenty of forces in their way, including Steel Inquisitors, a group of near indestructible humans created by the Lord Ruler to serve as a police force.

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Within Mistborn there are 4 main beings: skaa, nobles, kandra and terris. I've created unofficial name generators for each of them based on the naming conventions within the books, as you can see below.