Diablo race name generators

Diablo is an action packed role-playing hack and slash game developed and released by Blizzard, and is set in the fictional kingdom of Khanduras. In the game the aim is to control your character of a chosen class, and fight your way through a dangerous world filled with demons and demon spawn alike in order to fight Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and any of the other Lords of Hell who may stand in your way.

If you're interested in playing Diablo or if you want to explore this world further, check out their site by clicking here (EU) or here (US)

In terms of name generators, there are 4 generators available. One for the angels, one for the demons, one for the nephalem (offspring of angels and demons, and the ancestors of humans), and one for Khazra (a race of demonic goatmen part of the game). More information on each race and their names is available in the description of each respective generator.